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         Pigment Yellow
         Pigment Orange
         Pigment Red
         Azure And Purple
         Solvent Dyes
         Pearly Luster
         Pigments For Inks
         Pigments For Paints
         Pigments For Platics
            Plastic pigments, ink pigments, organic pigments, paint pigments manufacturer. Riwa Cooperation is a large pigment manufacturer, hangzhou riwa chemicals co.,ltd. hangzhou riwa industry co.,ltd. and hangzhou riwa chemical co.,ltd.

            belong to riwa cooperation, riwa manufacture and sell specially pigment red, yellow, orange, violet, blue, green and all kinds of pigment and chemical intermediates, our brand have riwa, rwcolor & hangcolor, all of these products are widely used in ink, paint, coating, plastic, rubber, pigment printing, paste, arts pigment and stationery etc. relevant field.

              Riwa was established in 1987, Top quality, competitive price and perfect service are our tenet, Riwa has a strong team on manufacturing, dealing in, researching and developping.Riwa has perfect testing instruments, strict supervision and quality control.She has gotten the high reputation in the field. Our plastic pigments, ink pigments, organic pigments, paint pigments products are popular all over the world with high quality, competitive price, fast delivery and efficient service.
      Add: Section 6 Jiangdong Industrial Zone,Hangzhou,China    Tel:0571-22851166 22851232-8 22851155   Fax:0571-22851177
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